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What are the basic requirements for bearing materials? The most common material for bearings is bearing steel. Bearings have strict requirements on their internal structure, uniformity of chemical composition, non-metallic inclusions, carbide particle size and distribution, and degree of decarburization. If these parts have defects, they will It will significantly shorten the service life of the ...
Under normal circumstances, a bearing fitted with a tight fit interference must be close to the shaft shoulder. Testing method: (1) Lighting method. That is to say, aim the light at the bearing and shaft shoulder, and judge the light leakage. If there is no light leakage, it means the installation is correct; if there is even light leakage around the shaft shoulder, it means the bearing is not cl ...
During work, people use improper installation methods in the installation of bearings, resulting in damage to the bearings. So how to install the bearing correctly? The correct device is very important for the use of bearings. When installing, you can choose mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods according to its type and size. The force exerted on the bearing during installation must not be tr ...

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